NOW OUT: Ogba Edewe – Blessing Ufedo |Mp3 Download|

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NOW OUT: Ogba Edewe – Blessing Ufedo |Mp3 Download|

Experience the presence of God in yet another amazing and powerful rendition of one of the world’s most covered song “Your Presence is Heaven to me“. BLESSING UFEDO in a RECORDING SESSION sing this Cover version of the popular worship song that was originally written by Israel Houghton.

There have been so many renditions and cover of the “Your Presence is heaven to me” worship song and the list of artists who have re-sung it continues to grow and spreads all over the globe. BLESSING UFEDO puts a unique twist and sound to the song making it fresh to the heart.

Translated version of Your presence is Heaven to me In Igala by Blessing Ufedo

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