NOW OUT: Ocho Okwaje Kalo – Ignaitus Ekoja |Mp3 Download|

Audio Gospel Naija 133

Ocho okwaje kalo (God is our foundation) by Ignaitus Ekoja Is a song is all about description and proclamation of God. It talks about his mightiness.

The first verse and the second verse talks about his passionate loving kindness. The second verse also describes God as Aganokwu. Aganokwu is the mightiest tree as believed by the Idoma people.

In description this tree nothing can fly above it, no other trees grows under it, the leaves does not blow away no matter the heaviness of any winds. It’s used to describe God for it definite differences.

Ignatius Ekoja. A singer. A lover of the Holy Spirit. A passionate worshipper. JESUS Addict. Apple of the GOD head(FATHER GOD). Join me in this planted Garden of worship lets grow together.

As you listen to this song the weight and Glory it carrys will turn ur story around positively. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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