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Nigerian fast-rising Christian singer and songwriter “Wisdom God’s” drops a song, He titles this song “S’OPE”. The song title is a Yoruba word that simply means “Give Thanks“

Lyrics for “S’OPE” by Wisdom God’s

If to say I fit to say, I no profit
I for don tell you say, my brother find another way
But the truth e come be say, this way e too pure oo
This way e too sure, say na Jesus Christ be Lord oo

S’ope (ope)
S’ope oo (ope)
S’ope temi ye ee ee eh (ope)
S’ope oo (ope)
S’ope ti e (Ope)
S’ope oo (ope)
Sey you hear the Gospel (Ope)
The Gospel of Peace (Ope)
Oya S’Ope (ah ah ah ha ha ah)

I no go talk long tori for him matter oo
His name is Jesus.
At His name every knee must bow
And every tongue confess
He came to die for you and I
For everlasting life
Only if you believe
and you act upon His word

Chorus :
Oya S’Ope (Ope)
S’ope oo (ope)
S’ope temi ye ee ee eh (ope)
S’ope oo (ope)
S’ope ti e (Ope)
S’ope oo (ope)

Say you hear the gospel (Ope)
The gospel of peace (Ope)

The gospel of joy (Ope)
The gospel of Hope (Ope)
The gospel of life (Ope)
The gospel of Christ (Ope)

Oya s’ope (ah ah ah ah ah )

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