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What makes you a great singer is not just your ability to scale through notes and do all the riffs and runs and modulate 7 times and all that (this are great abilities too that every musicians should take serious)

but it’s beyond that!
All these won’t change the state of the minds of your audience and listeners.

A lot of people believe you must be a so good to deliver a song perfectly…. But NO!

Emoting is almost all what your music is about.
Either performing live or recording in the studio!
The instrumentation may be good… Your intro might be a catchy one, your chorus can even be SING ALONG!

But… If you are not true to the meaning of the song. If you haven’t placed yourself in the picture and experience those words (I mean every lyrics of the song.)

then you will have difficulty passing the right emotions!

And this is where most recording artists have issues… RELYING ON THE MUSIC PRODUCERS FOR A GOOD MIX AND MASTER
Almost 65% of your audience don’t know about riffs and runs or even know a good production!

It is how the song makes them feel

In fact most people are offended by your riffs and runs. Because they feel it’s distracting… I get this often… People be like “can’t you just sing straight and leave those wiwuhowayi” 🤣
You can’t be singing about pain and you’re smiling

I was to assist a friend in a concert as the photographer to cover the event while he was on the video camera and I learnt a lot being in that position and I do often.

This guy walked in all dressed, I mean he looks like a celebrity already.

And has a good voice (I must admit) both singing and talking. I felt oppressed before I knew what was about to hit me!😁

When he was up, he did all the chants and hype and perfect intro to set the atmosphere right for him to flow…
The moment he started singing. Almost all the lifted hands went down!

Emoting has to do with the way you deliver a song!
And it’s not from the riffs and runs. How much of the song do you understand?
Because it is what you understand about the song that you will give out to your audience.

My mum would say,
Don’t promise to buy me a car, pray that you buy one for yourself first… Because you will need to have a thousand Naira in your pocket before you dash me 500!
Whatever that means 🤣

But you will have to know much about the song to convince somebody.

So if the song is about fear or anger, bring yourself to that point where you feel the words in the song!
You have to be able to pass the expression of meaning for the song
Did you remember watching a home video
And the actor played the character of a wicked uncle so well that you begin to see the picture of the one in your family 😁
Because his emotions were true to the character he played



This is where we lack mostly
As an individual or group of musicians
We mostly miss the essence of rehearsal
We come together to learn the lyrics of the song
And go home

There’s no time to understand where the writer of the song is coming from!
The intentions of the writer is important when rehearsing a song

Fear is an emotion on its own

This part is very important 😁
Many great musicians killed their dreams because of FEAR

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By nature, music is an expression of language communication. Singing is an exaggerated interjection of speech for the purpose of highlighting the meaning of the words and thoughts in the song. The ideas we express in music are most often associated with strong feelings of the human spirit such as; Love, Peace, Faith, Desire, Fear, Joy, deepest religious feelings, urgent needs, gratitude and high praises are sung out in a musical expression.

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