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Audio Gospel Naija 118

(Isaiah55:11)No situation, no circumstance, no event, no happening can make God lie; it is impossible for Him to lie. He is a faithful God who keeps covenants and promises from generation to generation.

      Alewilese is sung in worship  of the covenant keeping God, who never alter the words that go out of his mouth. He is the dependable, realiable, unchaging God.

As you listen and sing this song, I pray that the promises of God will begin to find speedy fulfilment in your in Jesus name.

D’Cotl is a warshiper of God through music. Which she believes is a way of delighting God and declaring vengeance upon adversaries.


Baba Mimo



Eyin lope tosi

Baba Mimo

Awi mayehun


Eyin logoye

Verse one 1

You declare the ending from the beginning,

You are ever true.


You give your promises, they come to pass.

You never fail.



Verse 2

The covenant keeping God, that is who you are.

You are ever sure.

Eyin lope to si.

As you say it, so it come to pass.

You never lie.

Eyin logo ye.

Verse 3

Lord speak your words to me today, Alewilese.

Declare your blessing upon me you never fail.

I know it be just as you have said it.

My life is open for your blessings, please release.


Alewilese- Eyinlope to si

Aleselewi- Eyin logo ye

(Repeat solemly)




Aisha, Aiku, Ailedibaje

Oloruko aperire

Alagbala adesure

Ibere Ati opin

 Olorun mimo

Jehovah alatileyinmi




Abo lori ayemi



Asia,asa ati apatami

Ayo mi

Ife mi

Ogo mi

Ewa mi

Imole mi

Igbala mi

Oluwa mi

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