Asu Ekiye Attacked Sammie Okposo for Singing His Song At The Experience

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Asu Ekiye Attacked Sammie Okposo and Akpororo for Singing other people’s song

Some years back at the first consultative assembly of FOGMMON in Lagos, Asu Ekiye announced that no one has attacked Sammie Okposo like him and expressed his detest for sycophancy and parasitic tendencies and choose to speak out when he feels hurt. The Two gospel musicians who are always at loggerhead expressed a mind to work together for the good of the kingdom.

When Sammie Okposo came on stage, he declared that himself and Asu Ekiye never liked each other adding that but by some coincidence all Asu Ekiye’s friends are his friend but that both of them were never in good terms.

When Asu Ekiye came on board, he expressed the fact that he will not attack Sammie Okposo publicly again but still warning that if Sammie Okpos oversteps his bound again that he will still criticize him but that the criticism  this time will be more mature and brotherly and the crowd went berserk in excitement and appreciation at what Fogmmon can do in the lives of more artist.


Asu Ekiye came up with 2 posts on his social media handles attacking Akpororo for singing Donnie Mc Clurkin song and now Sammie Okposo for Singing his song in the just concluding The Experience Lagos.
He wrote


When you are invited to a global platform like The Experience to minister in music and all you can do is to sing other people’s original songs except yours, then I think you are either passing through a fraudulent public appeal syndrom or you lack originality and professionalism

After twenty years of full time music ministry and with at least 4 album projects to your credit , you have problems singing your own songs in big events, then you need counseling.
You should be pitied rather than being celebrated.

Any gospel musician who has been in ministry for more than ten years and rely on popular songs rather than his or her own songs to appeal to a crowd is a mediocre brand.

However, I must commend the visioners of the Experience . It is a very powerful global showcase of our gospel music culture. I have been there twice to minister and it remains the biggest stage in Africa .

ASU Ekiye

and then wrote again


THE best way to promote gospel music in Nigeria is to encourage and enhance the core tenets of creativity and originality. When copyright laws are recklessly infringed upon In the dimension that we witness in the gospel community in Nigeria, we might be at the risk of attracting unwarranted litigation in the near future and also courting unnecessary backlash from avoidable disregard of copyright laws both nationally and internationally.

My counsel to HOTR and the Team at the Experience concert is this: No artiste mounting your stage should stand there emboldened by unathourised or stolen works of copyrighted materials. If for any reason songs are to be used which are outside the purview of the performer , they should secure due permission as is done internationally.

I AM not against the use of other people’s songs which one is inspired to sing in the course of a ministration, I myself do that when am inspired. But the emphasis here should be that it must be done moderately and with a sense of responsibility. But to concentrate on the performance of songs for which the artiste are not the original writers or performers will be the height of mediocrity and illegality. Let us begin to encourage sound and proper practices even in Christiandom in Nigeria.

ASU Ekiye

A Facebook user named ita Efiuvwere among others took to the comment section to question Asu Ekiye to prove if he is the original writer of the song. as she wrote

Question is, is the poster the original writer of the songs in issue? Methinks, NOT. Those songs were around way back. They were only popularized by the poster. Let’s not drag Kingdom issues like pedestrian matters, please. Let’s thank God for an experience like the Experience. We’re still basking in the thrill, renewal and power of the Experience. Don’t spoil it, please. Please

Another wrote
Miebi Vincent Akpos This message is to Sammie Okposo. I no know wetin una dey drag self. Why didn’t you criticise Donnie MacClucking singing Imela by Nathaniel Bassey?

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